Why is a mini habit better than a New Year’s Resolution?

The stores are already selling Christmas decoration the kids are already ready for the end of year and I am already think about next year (2015) which got me thinking about NY Resolution and goals.

Over the last few months I have developed new skills and acquired new knowledge. So rather than simply jotting down my NY resolution in a notepad that will sit in my desk drawer for half the year, I am going to apply what have learnt and change my approach.

What have I learnt:
1. Mini-Habits are essential to kickstarting the journey
2. You need to take action every day (consistency) to progress towards your goals (20 Mile March)
3. You need to constantly push yourself for a tiny bit more, just 1%, to snowball your success
4. You need accountability
5. You need to have a “starter momentum” to get the ball rolling. A ridiculously small result will change you mindset. I will get the ball rolling – you cannot succeed unless the ball is rolling

So far from my mini habits, morning ritual of positive mindset, persistence and exercise, I have achieved:
1. A body I am happy with by exercising 6 days/week without killing myself.
2.  woken up over 100 times at 5AM
3. Achieved a sense of control, momentum
4. Create a space in my life to practice my passion and a chance to explore new things.
5. Practise continuous learning


Since we have last blogged I have reviewed a video by Tony Robbins and he talks about standards.




I have watched this video a couple of times before but I personally did not how to apply it and how I could fit it into my personal jigsaw. But now the picture is becoming clearer to me.
So my new way of being will be:
1. Start and new pursuit with a mini habit
2. Practice get good at it, have 3 checkpoints of 22, 44 and 66 days
3. Create a new standard at the end of each checkpoints
4. Seek Leverage and Strategy, I have not practice this so well in the past, (maybe I need to practice more of a 4 hour week like Tim Ferris but maybe start off at 39.6 hours instead of 40 hours (a 1% improvement)).
5. Create a new planning method that is exciting.



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