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I have been following Robin Sharma for a while. In fact the whole reason why I got interested in the 5AM club was because of Robin Sharma 5AM YouTube Clip.. Please see one of my previous post to view his clip – How I discovered the 5AM club? way back last year:)

Well Robin has recently introduced a 4 part video series. Do yourself a favour and sign up to watch. Robin gives a ton of “game changing” strategies on how to introduce small changes into you daily life that will give you lots of wins, help become positive and give you a psychological edge in everyday lives.

His video series consists of 4 videos –

Video 1 – How to Unleash Greatness This Year

Video 2 – Special Habits to Make this Year Awesome

Video 3 – My Formula for Uncommon Success

Video 4 The First Day of Your Best Life.


I am not associated with Robin but I am a big fan of his work and just by implementing some of his free strategies I have made a big difference in my life

1. Wake up at 5AM – My latest streak is so far at 74 times in a row. You was follow my progress on Twitter where I Tweet every 5AM –

2. I started running almost every morning. Started off running a slow 6KM/Min pace for only 3KM , within a few months I am now down to 5Min 16Min pace at 6.95KM so both my pace and stamina has improved immensely. As a consequence my weight is very close to my super fit weight and my blood pressure is supernormal at 114/76.

3. Positive Mindset – I made it a 20 min practice every morning to read read something positive and watch motivational clips.

4. Have a Continuous Improvement Mindset – Improve 1% everyday on the focused task at hand. It could be a run time, it could be a skill t, just remember to try and improve 1% before you start.

5. Habits – I have made conscious habits a part of my day. I stack my habits to do positive things like blogging, journaling, reading, ec.


Do yourself a favour and checkout his videos –





You Must Be The Change
Monday Is The Perfect Day

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