Mini Habits

The book starts off with the one push-up challenge. Stephen gives a recount of his 2013 New Years Resolution “to get fit”, to have that “beach body”. His immediate goal was a 30minute workout but with a 10 year history of not sticking to a consistent workout routine for more than 2 weeks at a time.

He was in despair, his past failures played in his mind. So instead of committing to the 30min workout he chose a measly 1 push-up. This simple act opened a new world for Stephen. This led to regular workouts, not just push -ps but sit-ups, 3-6 visits / week to the Gym. Profilic blogging, a bestseller and a life fully transformed.

The Book has some great strategies and is definitely one of the first books that should be considered if you want to start transforming your life.

I have used many principles learnt in this book combined with other piece of knowledge and tools. The combination of tools I use include: Mini-Habits + – Read about it in my blog posts.


This book is only is only 127 pages long and is best read on a Kindle (I have the kindle app on an IPad).With over 235 five star ratings(16/11/2014) in Amazon this book is definitely worth purchasing.Recommended for the chronic procrastinator and for people having a hard time “sticking” to a plan.


Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

Author –  Stephen Guise

Length: 127 pages | ASIN: B00HGKNBDK

Habit is a cable

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