Introducing the 5AM club

Imagine having enough time to complete the things that are on “the list” – a blog, “the project”, etc. and having time for yourself – go workout, meditate, practice yoga, etc. This is what the 5AM club is all about – having that extra time for yourself.

I have been practicing the 5AM club since the 1st of Sept 2014 and it has transformed my life. I am a computer geek – so staying up past midnight and waking up with just enough time to go to work was the norm practice prior to forming my 5AM club.

It was an effort at the start but after some practice, it has progressed into a habit. I even wakeup at 5AM on the weekend but if I need extra sleep because my body is telling me, I lie in bed and a couple of extra hours. Sleeping until 7.00AM on a Sunday is the new norm and it still leave me plenty of time to get things done.

When you join the 5AM club,  you will have some days where you will miss the wakeup time, this is human and normal. It is more important to concentrate on the successes and benefits than dwell on the misses. Remind yourself that you are developing a habit which requires practice, you won’t get it right every day.  Don’t worry too much about the “streak” concentrate on the benefits you have gained on the 5AM Days.Defeat your old patterns and create a new way of being.


My new habits since waking up at 5.00AM include:

  1. Drinking Lemon water every morning on wakeup – because it is so good for your body
  2. Reading motivation quotes and watching a motivational every morning
  3. 20 minutes of exercise every morning (Run or swim or weights)
  4. Have time to do some of my chores
  5. Work on my projects – blogs, websites etc.
  6. Practice 20 minutes of Yoga (2-3 times a week)


I will publish some more material about the 5AM club.


How I discovered the 5AM club?

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  1. Abhijit

    Good to see your blog on the 5am club. I need your help to suggest some android mobile apps for the 5am club. Plz suggest if you know any.


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