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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. - Jim Ryun

The Tools I use to Wakeup at 5.00AM – Part 2

3. Accountability Accountability - this is the secret ingredient. There are 2 types of forces in life - Push and Pull. Push takes more willpower (which is limited), Pull appears to take less willpower. Having an accountability tool is the best pull power tool that I...

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The Tools I use to Wakeup at 5.00AM – Part 1

Today I will give you an insight on some of the tools that I use to keep the 5AM club a “Habit” going. I want to make the distinction of what a habit is. A habit is automatic, has little or no resistance. To form a habit requires momentum, it becomes a little bit easier every time it is practiced (there will be days you will mess-up but this human). It becomes automatic.

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My Daily 5AM Routine

It is important to remember that you want the 5AM wakeup to become a habit (something that is automatic and you have no/little resistance on executing). A habit is like taking a morning shower, checking to see if you have locked the car, brushing your teeth etc. I...

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What do I do at 5AM ?

So you have read about my posts on waking up at 5AM, in my last post I revealed 3 mind hacks to make this possible - Habits, Consistency (20 Mile March) and lastly Accountability. The fourth most important factor is knowing "What and Why" - What will spend your extra...

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How I discovered the 5AM club?

I was introduced to the "Power Hour" many years ago. Basically it is “giving yourself an hour” for fitness, incantations and visualization. It sounded great but the only problem is that I never stuck to it for more than a few days and then I would lose will power to...

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Introducing the 5AM club

Imagine having enough time to complete the things that are on “the list” – a blog, planning your life, etc. and having time for yourself – go workout, meditate, practise yoga, etc. This is what the 5AM club is all about – having that extra time for yourself.

I have been practicing the 5AM club since the 1st of Sept 2014 and it has transformed my life. I am a computer geek – so staying up past midnight and waking up with just enough time to go to work was the norm prior to the 5AM club.

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