What do I do at 5AM ?

So you have read about my posts on waking up at 5AM, in my last post I revealed 3 mind hacks to make this possible –

  1. Habits,
  2. Consistency (20 Mile March) and lastly
  3. Accountability.

The fourth most important factor is knowing “What and Why” – What will spend your extra time on and Why.


WHAT  – Write a blog To contribute   | WHY – for self expression

WHAT – Get Fit                                       | WHY – to have more energy so I can do more


I have a list of things that I am doing in the morning.

Business – Start a business, build a website / blog

Fitness – Run 4-5 Kms,  Swim, Circuit

Well being – Meditate, watch motivational video, do yoga

Mind – Read,  Learn something new, develop a new skill


Whatever you decide on , make sure you are doing something that is;
1. Consistent
2. It makes you feel good afterwards
3. It contributes to you

My other big tip is based on the 20Mile rule – Timebox the activity to 20 minutes. Throw out the notion of spending an hour in the gym, if you have a busy life – got kids, full time job, studies, projects etc. fitting an extra 1 hour workout will become a burden and will be unsustainable. You are trying to build a habit – like most habits like brushing your teeth, taking a shower etc it should be short, repeatable and have no excuses not to complete. I keep my “exercise habit” to a strict 22 minutes and the activity is full on, it is intense!. So far I have been able to transform my energy, my body and executed on 46 workouts in 52 days. If I have time, sometimes I will do an extra 10mins but the 22mins is mandatory – it is my 20 Mile March Victory.

Robin Sharma advocates the  20 20 20 rule – The first 20 minutes of your day in exercise. Second 20 minutes reviewing your goals and daily plan. Last 20 minutes reading something inspiring or listening to audiobooks so you outperform who you were yesterday.


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  1. Fatima

    Keep up the great work!!! I love this 🙂


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