NY Resolution, Blog Posts and Goal Setting Programs to watch

NewYear 2015

Well that was the silly season – what I am referring to is Christmas and New Years. When you have kids and family visiting it is the great opportunity to take a self-imposed break and celebrate being present with loved ones and celebrate.

The idea of this blog post has been in the making for a while and manifested itself last week during a group mastermind chat. We talked about setting a New Years Resolution – yes I have blogged about the whole NY Resolution thing. I do believe it is better to make a commit to a mini-habit instead rather than set an arbitrary resolution (normally absent of a program and systems to attain). There are heaps of articles and post of why the NY fails and is normally just a “throw away” exercise which I am not interested. I have committed to a new mini-habit  – “Read 10 Pages of a book for 6 out of 7 days” ; Can I read more?   – yes, of course I can!  but the reason why I chose 10 pages is that I am confident I can do this everyday with a continuous streak that I can sustain for a year, it will become an ingrain habit. I can commit to reading 10 pages even if I do not “feel” like it. Committing to the minimal viable habit is the secret to success to “momentum motivation” and it keeps you going, no matter what!.

I have blogged about the 5AM club in great detail and will have a worksheet to distribute soon. I have had a 43 day streak so far and 135 checkins in just over 150days, I will keep this habit going. Mind you, I have been taking the “Christmas Naps” to supplement this habit since my sleep routine is all over the place at the moment due to visitors and Christmas and celebration times. Yes, it is still essential to get you 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep per day.

This post is about branching the emotivateme blog to a new area:  “Goals setting”.

I am no expert in this area so my blog posts will be about my personal experiences of systems, reviews and discovered techniques. I will be the “guinea pig”.  It is my personal ambition to develop expertise in this area and have emotivateme as a source of information for our readers.  Because I subscribed to a number of blogs in this area, I have been bombarded by a number of emails regarding goals setting for 2015. In no particular order I will mention a number of posts/systems/products.


1. James Clear – Systems vs Goal setting


James is a great blogger and has expertise in motivations and habits and other things like travel and photography (I’m quite jealous actually, so talented).

He has one of the best posts on the Science of sleep that I have read. His blog has inspired me to explore my life and how I run it better. I have to admit, the timings of his post and my posts have been uncanny – sometime we blog about the same subject matter within days/week of each other. I promise I am not prompted by his post just our universal conscious seems to be in sync.

His post is definitely a resource to take notice of. In summary it is better to fall in love with systems that do rather than the goal itself. I absolutely concur, the sense of achievement that I experience when I wakeup at 5.00AM, sip my coffee from my porch, breath the freshest air of the day and watch daybreak is awesome. It is this routine, system, experience that I have fallen in love with and keeps me waking up at 5.00AM.


2. Michael Hyatt – 5 best Days


I have only recently discovered Michael, but his stuff looks awesome. Do yourself a favour and look at his website and review the videos (3 videos in the series).  I will explore his work more closely before enrolling into his program. I will commit to reading his book – Platform and exploring his free stuff on goal setting as a build up to using his materials in the long term.

Price ranges from  $197 to $497


3. Sucesswizard 


I have been looking at this program and set of tools for a while. I am currently a free member and I have been impressed with the followups and reminders of the application which works on Ipad and web. The UI needs updating but functionally cannot be faulted. It is extremely good value.

Price ranges from  free, $45 (3Month access) to $75 (6months access)


4. Mindtools


Has a number of life skills based training programs ranging from time management courses to career management  courses.

They have a special which end on the 8th of Jan 2015. Join their membership program and you will receive a free Goal Setting workbook.

Price ranges from $19/month to $27/month



5. Scott Dinsmore


Scott runs Live your legend and his website and movement has become a source of inspiration to me. It has been one of the main reasons I am writing this blog.

He has a free Goal setting and action workbooks are available via a simple registration

Price ranges from Free


6. Storyline


Don Miller is a colleague of Michael Hyatt. They have similar products in the marketplace. Quite blown away by the marketing and from his video workbook seems simple but very effective.

3 options – of an audio book, an online course and a conference (tba for 2015)

The online course seems like great value at $39.95 which includes instructional videos, workbooks and other stuff.

Prices ranges from  $29, $39.95 and tba


7. Great Blog Posts

– James Clear


– Tyson Brown (up and coming blogger)



I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you have found it useful. Have a great 2015.


The correct way to set goals


  1. Timothy Kersten

    Thanks for collating such great resources. Seems like you are well down the path on this stuff.

    • emotadmin

      Thanks Tim, I will keep you updated on my progress.


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