My 5AM Journey – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

My journey to creating a 5AM habit was not a smooth journey.  The biggest obstacle was getting up consistently, sleeping early enough and “stringing” consistent wakeup days. Checkout my monthly summaries below.

Monthly (Aug) Screenshot

Screenshot 1 – August (bottom) September (top)

Monthly Screenshot

Screenshot 2 – A much better October – Orange indicates unbroken streak,








I actually played around with waking up in August but could only manage very occasional days of getting up at 5.00AM  – I am certain that it was because my process, my formula was incomplete.  In Screenshot 2 – the top section represents this month (October) and the bottom section is September.  As time progressed you can see my results getting getting better, more consistent, almost complete.

As you can see overall my journey was rocky early on, all over the place. I had some Good days, Bad Days and pure Ugly Days.



Using sheer willpower to wakeup consistently. No set process or formula. The best I achieved was 3-4 early wakeups per week. Sometimes I failed miserably with only having 1-2 early morning in the week. It started to get better because I was introduced to the “20 Mile concept”. I prepared my sleeps to be more consistent and my wakeups to be more consistent.



I joined a group and had accountability buddies. This made all the difference and as you can see my September was good. Yes, there were some ugly days but the main thing is that I got over it and made the next morning wakeup a success. I also introduced the 20minute exercise routine in the morning and as the month wore on I got fitter and guess what? this actually made waking up earlier easier. There is a great piece of study that shows that fitness affects willpower that makes it easier to do activities such as waking up early much easier. I will blog about this later



I have a process, I am fit, I have a routine, I have knowledge and as a result I am consistent. I feel amazing, I am enrolling other people into the 5AM club. As a result I started this blog hoping to pass on this gift to you.


Today I completed

  1. Wakeup at 5.00AM, checked in
  2. Drank Lemon water, Made coffee
  3. Empty the dishwasher
  4. Read Motivation Quotes, Mental Maths, Watched 3 Motivation Videos
  5. Read my emails
  6. Downloaded an Ebook
  7. Reviewed an online course
  8. Online chat with my buddies
  9. Wrote this blog

And it is still only 6.30AM – super productive. Now for my run and some weights.


Just re-iterating my  formula for waking up at 5AM consists of

  1. Habits,
  2. Consistency (20 Mile March)
  3. Accountability,
  4. Knowing What and Why


The Tools I use to Wakeup at 5.00AM – Part 2
Exercising makes 5AM wakeups easier - Trust Me!

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