My Daily 5AM Routine

It is important to remember that you want the 5AM wakeup to become a habit (something that is automatic and you have no/little resistance on executing). A habit is like taking a morning shower, checking to see if you have locked the car, brushing your teeth etc. I want the 5AM wakeup to be a habit – long term.

So I have setup routines to execute on the habit, what do i mean? – Well let’s look at my routine.

1. Be in bed by 10.30 (at the latest) – the biggest danger with the 5AM club is not getting enough sleep. The amount of sleep is determined by your fitness level because your fitness level determines rate of recovery and the deepness of you sleep. If you are just starting I suggest earlier like 10.00 or 9.30AM. Everyone has a different length for sleep. I think most people need between 7-8.5 hours of sleep.

2. Set my Ipad to wake me up

Alarm1 – 4:45AM
Alarm2 – 5:00AM
Just before I goto sleep I make sure the volume is on loud and the Ipad is charging and place the ipad away from my bed so that I have to reach out for my ipad when the alarm goes off.

3. Alarm 1 – Wakeup 4:45AM
I checkin to my accounatbility tool and buddies (I will blog about this soon) and then I have a quick think of what I am setting to achieve on the day. A website to complete, a blog, a workout, do I have to drive the kid’s anywhere

4. Alarm2 – officially wakeup at 5.00AM
Action 1 – My feet hit the floor
Action 2 – Walk with my IPad to check off things (I am in 1st gear (like a car)). Walk to the kitchen
Action 3 – Squeeze 1/4 lemon in a cup and pour water into it. Drink. Your body needs water as the first element as soon as you wakeup
Action 4 – Make my Nesspresso and enjoy (I am in 2nd gear by now)
Action 5 – check off things off my list on my Ipad

The List

0. Empty the dishwasher (new) – get the body moving, mental problem solving (which dish goes where?), 1 more chore done.
1. Read a motivational quote
2. Do mental maths (I am in 3rd gear by this stage)
3. Watch a motivational video
4. Plan the day
4. Yoga (3 times / week) 20 mins
5 . Exercise – Intense 22Minutes (Jumped to 4th and then 5th gear) – the 20min exercise routine is now a habit
6. Study/emails/blog
7. Execute on the rest of the day


What do I do at 5AM ?
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