Monthly Report – November 2014

Well it has been 4 months since I have been on this 5AM wakeup journey. My systems are working and I have made steady improvements. I have attached some of my screenshots from my tracking tool

Calendar View


This is my 5AM Wakeup calendar  month,  November (minus the heading) has been my best month yet but I had some terrible night sleep on the Tuesday. One was because I had to attend a funeral and I had nightmares all night the other – just a lousy night sleep. With the exception of a slowdown alarm I do not have a “wind-down” routine to ensure that I have a good night sleep. I have noticed that my energy levels have been peaking at the wrong times sometimes and it have become a problem for me sleeping, this will be an aspect I will be looking at this month.


I must emphasize that one of the prime objectives of the 5AM club is to have adequate sleep. There is no point to living the 5AM club life but walk around like a zoombie all day. Personal Productivity and well being is what this club is all about.

The interesting feature that Lift has  is that you can see the monthly progress. At the start I was only succeeding at just over 50% in August for waking up at 5AM but with practice it has become easier on my willpower which allows the habit to start forming and the habit became more consistent.

As you can see from these charts my 5AM wake ups have become consistent, I am reaching my target more consistently in each progressive month. Prior to this exercise I thought that I would wake up at 5.00AM but from experience and understanding “habit forming” it is a progressive exercise – it builds up over time. I have set goals of 22 day streaks, 44 and 66 day streaks. Getting to 22 takes effort and time.


Monthly (Sep-Nov)Screenshot-Exercise

This is my Lift Exercise Calendar. Habits takes time to develop. I would advise anyone starting on this journey do not expect 100% streak (20+ times) on the 1st round but as long as you persist and are constant in your pursuit, the habit will consume less willpower over time and the habit will become easier to execute. It will become ingrain and your left over willpower can be directed at creating a new habit. The other thing to remember is that some habits are easier than others – obviously exercise is a harder habit to form than drinking water at the start of each morning. It is still a good idea to record the easier habits to gain positive reinforcement.One major change I have made to my “stack” is to empty the dishwasher and write daily gratitudes so my new extended routine looks like this
1. Wakeup
2. Checkin online – I check into 3 channels to say good morning
2. Make and drink lemon-ed water
3. Empty dishwasher (new habit)
4. Read motivational quote, mental maths
5. Make Coffee
6. View Motivational videos while sipping on coffee while sitting outside in the courtyard to breath the morning air and see the morning sun
7. Plan Day / Answer emails
8. Exercise – Yoga or run – If I do yoga in the morning, I leave the run until the afternoon
9. Daily Gratitude (new habit)
10. Shower and start my day






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