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How to have the most productive time of your day

We live in a time of competing priorities – work, family, chores, travel, social media, messaging, meetings; all of these priorities take time. Often  the most important priority is overlooked – YOU.

The eMotivateMe 5AM Club club is all about dedicating time to yourself so you can get super fit, become more productive, create calmness and practice being positive as preparation for the day. Some practitioners call this time the “miracle hours” because you can get so much done . But waking up at 5AM can be a challenge, especially if you have to do it alone so we thought we would create a community and programme and invite you to receive this new service.

Benefits of joining are:

  • Online chat service – join others waking up at 5AM 5AM-Chat-226x237
  • Free support services to get you started on the 5AM habit
  • Receive 4 special newsletters detailing 5 AM club hacks
  • Receive strategies on how to wakeup early
  • Links to special health and fitness routines


 What can you gain from the extra time?

  • Go for that morning run, get fit and lose weight
  • Practice Yoga and get rid of muscle aches
  • Meditate and remain calm for the rest of the day
  • Read and have time to learn new skills
  • Options are endless…


* Have a friend do this challenge with you it will increase your chances of success

Join the 5AM Club

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* Support is based in Sydney, Australia – we are only supporting limited number of time zones

* Use  to find out your timezone – eg AEDT, PDT

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