How I discovered the 5AM club?

I was introduced to the “Power Hour” many years ago. Basically it is “giving yourself an hour” for fitness, incantations and visualization. It sounded great but the only problem is that I never stuck to it for more than a few days and then I would lose will power to carry on. I think the length of time and the different routine did not resonated with me.

I  discovered a Youtube video titled “How to wake up early” by Robin Sharma. There were a couple of statements that he made during the video which really stood out for me.
1. Waking up at 5AM gives you an enormous psychological edge
2. It gives you time to be gain world class fitness
3. It gives you time to practice, to prepare your mindset, your heartset..
4. Getting up at 5AM is a complete game changer

Watch this video and enjoy .

The other missing components that made the 5AM club possible for me are:

  1. Habit Stacking – which is choosing a small habit and “progressing” towards the final desired habit. Most people simply just try to adopt the “final” habit straight away. Unfortunately this shock approach does not work. I will blog about habit stacking some more later.
  2. The 20 mile March – be consistent even on the most difficult days. The story goes – to teams of explorers, one led by Scott the other by Amundsen. two different strategies to reach the south pole – Scott marched when the weather was good and stopped when bad. Amundsen set the team a target of 20Miles a day no matter what the weather conditions were like. Scott’s team died of starvation because Amundsen strategy was based on consistency, preparation and contingency his team succeeded. The lesson – set yourself a target and achieve it no matter what. Read about it in Jim Collin’s book and blog –
  3. Accountability – waking up to say good morning to an accountability buddy – gives you that extra incentive. I say good morning at 5AM to my online buddies who are also in the 5AM club.

Since I have been in the 5AM club I have

  1. Become much fitter
  2. Become more relaxed in the morning
  3. I have been able to get more done – for example I can get a Yoga routine, Complete a run, Blog, read emails and drive my kids to school before the work day begins.
  4. Have time to work on a business.

What can you achieve if you were part of the 5AM Club? – See you in the next blog

Introducing the 5AM club
What do I do at 5AM ?

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